Henderson Waves

7 Must-Visit Beautiful Places of Singapore

Singapore might be a small country when we look at its area but there are many beautiful places of Singapore. The beauty and history in the country will make you tempted. And here we have a list of beautiful places you should visit when you spend the holiday in Singapore.

1. Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves

Henderson Wave is located in Southern Reach and still a part of it. This is a walking trail that brings you from one to another park in Singapore southern ridge. People love this place because the bridge is aesthetically yet visually striking. It blends really well with the surrounding fauna and flora. Henderson Waves is basically the tallest pedestrian bridge you may find in Singapore, which offers stunning views of panorama with its breathtaking skyline and lush forest as your eyes can see.

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If you want to snap for your Instagram feed then CHIJMES should be on your list too. You can take an amazing picture from so many angles. The architecture views are the popular thing in this place. You will see the huge white-plastered walls that make this place looks so photogenic. Other than that, there are many options for eating like bars, snacking spots, and restaurants around the venue so you do not need to worry about your tummy.

3. Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk is located at the east part of Singapore, which offers some tremendous spots along the way. You will see a giant tree that has been lived for decades. The venue is located right next to the sea, which will allow you to snap the stunning sunrise and sunset. There is also a wide greenery spot near the sea, which will spoil your eyes with the scenic part of Singapore with its tranquility.

4. Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

If you were born in Singapore before the 2000s, you would know if Toa Payoh Dragon is a playground with its common sight around the HDB estates. The playground looks pretty decorative with some animal sculptures, both real animal and myth animals. The playground still survives till today and becomes the iconic spot due to a sculpture of a dragon with the big head. The dragon is the most favorite among kids because they can crawl through.

5. People’s Park Complex

People’s Park Complex

This infamous park is often used for a photo shoot or making music videos with the hip fashion and grungy. The park looks gritty and surreal though. Initially, it was inspired by a masterstroke from Le Corbusier combined with the movement of Japanese Metabolist. The place is so cutting the edge and cannot be missed when you visit Singapore.

6. Sri Mariamman Mandir

Sri Mariamman Mandir

Sri Mariamman Mandir is the oldest worship place of Hindu in Singapore. The agamic architecture style makes this place becomes iconic yet beautiful. This is also referred as a prominent place of worship for South Indian Hindu. Besides the architecture style, there are figures from the Hindu pantheon and various deities with striking hues, which make this place as one of the beautiful places of Singapore.

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