Bali Vacation Ideas: Reasons for People to Come and Tips to Guide

Those wanting to have an unforgettable vacation in Bali—especially the first-timers will need Bali vacation ideas to make them prepare well. The best preparation makes any tourists feel confident.

Who doesn’t know Bali, one of the most beautiful islands in the world? Everybody wants to go there. Its people, culture, religion, foods, beaches, accommodation and other natural beauty will make its visitors feel amazed. Let’s see what makes Bali incredible to visit.

The Reasons why many people feel the urge to visit Bali

  • Bali has an active volcano called Gunung Agung or Agung Mountain. This is the tallest mountain in Bali. Many activities like hiking, trekking, sunrise trekking can be done to enjoy the beauty of the mountain. There are many providers to help you with this. You can browse the internet to search for the information.
  • Beaches in Bali are the biggest reason why many people from all over the world feel urged to go to Bali. To the amazement, each beach in Bali has its own beauty that will fit everybody’s needs. There are beaches with luxurious facilities that not everybody can afford, and there are also beaches having facilities at a reasonable price most people can afford. Balinese beaches are for everybody.
  • Most Balinese people are nice. Most of them are Hindus. They are so spiritual that in their house they have their own temple. It is so great to have a temple tour in Bali. You will see many Balinese temples located in beautiful places with Hindu people having religious ceremonies.
  • Bali also has beautiful waterfalls, lakes, rivers, canyons, lush greenery of mountains, and gardens. All of them have their own beauty that many tourists both local and international love to visit.
  • Bali is also rich for local cuisines. No doubt, most of them taste so amazing that many chefs from other countries come to Bali to learn about the recipes, the ingredients, spices, and how they serve. Those chefs also learn how to modify Balinese traditional foods with other foods originally from other countries. So, many tourists both international and local tourists are fond of eating Balinese traditional foods and drinks.
  • Balinese arts are also famous. Traditional dances, musical instruments, murals, paintings, crafts, etc, are pieces of Balinese arts that are nice to enjoy.
  • Bali has many kinds of accommodation to stay. From simple hostels to luxurious hotels with sophisticated facilities are available in Bali.

First-timers again need more guidance. They need to prepare well. They are supposed to know the tips right before they leave for Bali. See the tips below

Travel tips for the first-timers to come to Bali

  • First thing first, you need to decide which location you will visit and choose the best place to stay near those places.
  • If you have a temple tour, make sure you follow the instructions of the tour leader, like the way you dress, or whether a woman is having her period or not. A woman in her period is not allowed to come to any temple or sacred places in Bali.
  • Even if you try local foods in a casual place like the place called warung or you decide to stay at a simple place, you need to ask about the price and ask if there are happy-hour deals and discounts. This definitely will save your money.

You also have to be careful with local hot foods and local liquors, which they create by themselves. Learn about this from experienced people coming to Bali several times. Otherwise, you end up in a hospital. Last but not least, enjoy Bali without being too afraid of anything. Hopefully, you will benefit the article about Bali vacation ideas.

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