Bali Vacation Tips You Should Know before You Go

Bali Vacation Tips You Should Know before You Go

Bali vacation tips will help you from crossing the crowds to being monkey-friendly. These are a list of tips to have a great vacation while visiting this beautiful island.

Anticipate for any crowds

Knowing as the most visited islands in the world, Bali is not actually a secluded paradise. Almost each of the tourist destinations in Bali is full of crowds. However, you should know that not all of the places are always packed with people. Crowds can be expected in some places in south Bali and Ubud. If you like more secluded places for your getaway, you can visit the north or west coasts of Bali with fewer tourists. Head to the central mountain is also recommended for solitude travelers.

Get a proper dress for any occasion

Bali is home to many beautiful beaches so that it is very normal to see many tourists use beachwear everywhere. However, it does not mean that beachwear is always suitable for every occasion there. Numerous bars and restaurants in Bali commonly have their own dress code.

It is better for you to ask previously before visiting them to avoid any potential embarrassment from a wardrobe malfunction. Not to mention if you join any spiritual and religious events, you are much recommended to dress as locals.

Get to know about Bali religious customs

Bali is well-known for its religious customs so that you should respect them even when you suddenly find any street blocked due to any ceremony held. It is actually what make this island special, it customs! You have to make a good plan especially if you want to travel during Nyepi since you will find everything on this island really quiet on that day.

Using suitable dress on that day also become other Bali vacation tips. Make sure that the clothes you wear covering the shoulders and knees to respect Bali dominant citizen who celebrates their big day. Keep yourself appropriately when you plan to visit temples and other holy spots especially on Nyepi.

Be careful when you bargain

If you want to buy items or services in Bali at more affordable prices, bargaining allows doing and it commonly works. However, keep in mind to do it with respect and smile. Sometimes the sellers have come to their limits so you cannot push them anymore. Try to walk away to know the seller’s reaction. If they are not approaching you, it means that they will not drop the price lower.

Get updated with the new visa situation

Back at the beginning of 2015, Indonesia relinquishes standard 30-day tourist VOA system for about 45 countries making many tourists from different nations need to pay the VOA. However, after that visa now is possible, it becomes such a problematic thing. You have to contact the reputable visa agent or closest Indonesia consulate before you begin the vacation. You are usually able to arrange 60-days visa, not in the country. As visa is very important when you trip abroad it also becomes another consideration in Bali vacation tips.

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