During Dry Season

Best Time to Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia is a wonderful place with many great attractions that it is not a wonder if many people are questioning what the best time to travel to Indonesia is. Located right at the heart of the world’s coral triangle, Indonesia is painstakingly beautiful with thousands wonders spread out throughout the land. Stretched out along the landscape, Indonesia has countless diverse yet authentic wildlife you cannot find in other place as it becomes the shelters for Komodo Dragons, the Bird of Paradise Cendrawasih and Orangutan. Not only that, underwater enthusiasts will be spoiled once they step their foot here, because Indonesia has colorful coral reefs as well as breathtaking underwater animals. However, if you do not visit in the right time, you might miss all the fun! Here is some references upon when the best time to travel to Indonesia is.

During Dry Season

Before you start your journey, it will be better if you find out what is the purpose of your trip. If you are craving for a wild adventure where you can wander around and explore the nature, then it will be better if you come during the dry season. It lasts from May to September, in which the climate can be pretty hot with a sunny yet dry day. During this season, it is usually a middle-low season that less tourists comes to Indonesia. It will be easier for you to book hotels, since many will have vacant rooms with cheaper price if compared to high or peak season.

During this season, you can opt for mountain climbing, specifically to Mountain Bromo or Ijen. If you are tired from the trip, you can rest in Jiwa Jawa Resort, just on the slopes of Bromo. There, you can relax while enjoying the refreshing breeze of the wind, surrounded by trees and calming greenery – just like a typical village vacation. The next day, you can experience a jeep ride to the mountain, and take pictures of mesmerizing sunsets. You can also enjoy the walk to Bromo’s sunrise viewpoints, in which you can see how the sky changes as the lines of colors illuminate the blue morning sky with morning dews. All of this are not able to be enjoyed if you visit Indonesia during Rainy Season, because usually the slopes will be too sleek and dangerous to climb, and you cannot witness the clear sky during gloomy rainy days.

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However, if you are an underwater enthusiast, you do not have to worry; May to September is the best time to travel to Indonesia. During this season, especially on July, the off-shore wind happens, so it will help the novice surfers to experience a greater surfing lesson. In addition, since it is not too crowded, you can easily book surfing classes in advance, where the teachers can pay close attention to each person in smaller groups. Not only that, when it is dry season, you can go for snorkeling and enjoy the underwater live with thousands of kinds of fish as well as coral reefs. You can walk along the sand beaches or play volleyball and simply sun bathe to tan your skin while sipping on the delicious coconut water.

What makes it more advantageous, the dry season gives you the friendly climate to explore Indonesia better. Usually, during the wet season, the rain will pour down heavily almost all day, sometimes even followed by strong winds and hurricanes. This can cause landslide, which some areas are restricted and closed for the tourists to visit, such as the jungle, mountain, and even the beach. In dry season, if you visit Sumatra, you can spot wild orangutans in the forest and meet some untouched tribes in a remote place. You can also learn about Batak culture while at the same time visit the Sky Village (Negeri di Atas Awan), where you can see the clouds and dazzling colors of the dispersed sun in the sky line.

During Peak Season

In Indonesia, it is most crowded during mid-July, mid-August, mid-September, and mid-September. If you have no other option but to visit Indonesia during wet season, then make sure you come during peak season. Even though the bills are rocketing due to the high demands, it is really worth it. It is because during that time, there are so many local festivals as well as national or religious rituals happen throughout Indonesia, especially centered in Java Island and Bali. However, peak season can be the best time to travel to Indonesia if you focus on cultural and historical trip.

On mid-July, Indonesia has so many art festivals, because basically July is a month where high school students and college scholars are on break. One of the very famous celebration events is Bali Art Festival. It is an annual festival that was first held in 1965 up until now, happening from mid-June through mid-July. In this festival, you can meet many Balinese performers as well as foreign visitors from many other countries. It started with cultural parades in which Indonesia’s icons are invited, art exhibitions to spectacular stage performances. On the same month, there is also Bali Kite Festival, where hundreds of traditional kites are flown in Sanur beach. These festivals are open for everyone, with no charge.

Meanwhile, mid-August is also the best time to travel to Indonesia. This is because 17 August is Indonesia Independence Day, in which the government officials hold many festivals throughout the provinces in Indonesia. Usually, you can see many competitions, such as local dish cooking festivals, eating tumpeng together at the town’s hall and many other unique matches that represent Indonesia culture and history.

If you are a party goer, then you should not miss the chance to visit Indonesia on December. Every year, the cities and towns are decorated artistically with sparkling lamps on the streets with Christmas tree. The atmosphere is also festive and romantic in every way. In many malls as well as tourist sites, people are doing count down for New Year’s Eve, where you can drink booze and snack on local cuisines, having a casual chitchat and watching the firework flared in the sky that it makes December the best time to travel to Indonesia.

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