Hoi An (Thailand)

3 Best Cheap Places to Travel in Southeast Asia

If you are looking for cheap places to travel in southeast asia, here is the answer.

1. Hoi An (Thailand)

Hoi An (Thailand)

Hoi An is included in one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. This coastal town is located in the Eastern Vietnam Sea. Here, you can enjoy both of the pristine white sand beach and historical sites. Among all of the historical sites in this place, the most popular one is the Japanese Covered Bridge. It is built in the 16th century. You can walk along this bridge for free. However, if you want to access the museum, which is located on the north side, you may need to pay a small fee.

For the adventure, you can take a tour of the traditional wooden long-tail boat. The kayak experience offers a half-day tour. To enjoy this, you only need to pay $45 per person. The stay in this place varies from the cheap until the costly one. However, you do not need to worry, as the living expense in this place is not so high. With a careful use of your money, you can maximize your spending and only use $2,684 for a week, or even two.

2. Xi’an (China)

Not far from the previous suggestion, you can press the cost you spend until $2,828 only in this place. Here, you can enjoy the truly ancient and well-preserved attractions. The biggest of all is the Terra Cotta Army. There is also a museum outside this city center. Here, you can admire the true proof of history with its 8000 statues and 1974 excavations underneath them after 2000 years.

Besides that, you can also explore the ancient city walls of this city. The ticket to enter it is around $8. For another option, you can also bike and ride along the 600-year-old structure. For the local cuisine, you can visit the Huimin Street in the Muslim Quarter of the Old Town. In this place, you can taste traditional Chinese dishes and special flavors from the Middle East. Inexpensive meals are available to start from $2.

3. Taipei (Taiwan)

Taipei ever got the top three best in Travel International Destination in 2016 by MONEY. Since then, this city provides even more affordable expense. To start your trip, you can begin with the 89th floor of the Taipei101 Tower. You may need to pay around $20 to enter this tourist attraction. Here, you can see the whole city.

After that, you can visit the National Palace Museum. It houses one of the largest Chinese art collections in the world. The admission cost to visit this place is around $8.50. For your culinary experience, you can visit the Tonghua Night Market or Din Tai Fung (which is well-known for its soup dumpling. In addition, you can push your cost to spend up to $2,553.

Those are all the information, which we can share you related to traveling. We highly hope that after reading this topic of cheap places to travel in southeast asia, you can find the best place to spend your holiday easier.


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