Volcanoes in Bali

Is it safe to travel to Bali Indonesia?

Is it safe to travel to Bali Indonesia? Bali is a beautiful and exotic island located in Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia. Since decades ago, this island indeed has been a stunning and attractive tourism destination to visit. In Bali, there are many things to enjoy, starting from the scenic natural landscapes, unique traditions, to the charming local people. More than that, some beaches in Bali are also popular for surfing and diving. So, there are so many reasons to go to this place even if it is only once in your lifetime.

However, there are undeniably some issues that make you question more about this island. Is Bali really safe to be visited? There are at least three matters that make people are sometimes worried about visiting this island; they are the volcanoes, seasons and weathers, and the level of security. Well, if you are one of those worried people, some explanations below must be read for sure.

Volcanoes in Bali


Bali has some volcanoes spreading around in the island. Among them, there is the biggest, the most popular, and the most active one; Mount Agung. In normal conditions, this volcano is a perfect place to visit for the incredible sceneries. Particularly if you are always challenged in climbing, exploring Mount Agung is likely a must. But there are some specific times when this volcano is closed for tourism. Yes, the only reason is due to its crater activity.

Aside from being too risky for the explosion, this volcano also has a tendency to release volcanic ashes that are surely dangerous for your health. The ashes are known for giving some problems in your respiratory system, eyes, and even skin. So, if the local people need to be evacuated, sure, the tourists are not allowed to enter Bali mainly around the area of Mount Agung.

But you don’t need to worry about this matter actually. Mount Agung basically has its own cycle to be more active than usual; it is around once in 40 years. Based on that calculation, 2018 is indeed the year when this volcano is predicted to be active. Fortunately, Mount Agung is not a type of volcanoes that are exploded so suddenly. The levels of activities are gradually increased or decreased so that people around has enough time to prepare themselves.

The local government of Bali has also cooperated with many travel agencies all around the world to warn if the Mount Agung is predicted to be active in the near future. You just need to obey the warning in scheduling your trip to Bali. As long as the volcano is still declared to be inactive, just spend and enjoy your holiday on this island.

Seasons and Weathers

Bali is exactly located on the tropical area. So, in general, it only has two seasons; they are dry and rainy seasons. Although there is a tendency that those two seasons are sometimes shifted, both can just be predicted. The dry season in Indonesia is usually started from April to September with the peak in around August. Meanwhile, the rain season is started from November to March with the peak in December- February.

Between those two seasons, of course, the dry season is the best time if you want to go to Bali. The dry season is when the sun is shining so brightly just like in the summertime. Besides, the waves on the Bali Ocean are also in good conditions in those months. If you intend to surf or do other water activities on the beaches, the dry season is really necessary.

But sure, visiting Bali around that season is also not without risk. Most people all around the world know this great time so that the entire areas of Bali maybe full of tourists. The peak of tourism coming to this island is commonly around August. More than that, there are also events scheduled in that month including the Ubud Village Jazz Festival.

On the other hand, you are not suggested to visit Bali during the rainy season for the extreme weather possibly occurred. The extreme weather in Bali and other areas in Indonesia mean the non-stop rain, high wave, and even the storm.

To solve this problem, there are then some alternatives to go to Bali if you still want to enjoy the summertime. It is on the edges of the dry season whether it is in May or September. Although there may be still rainy for a little bit, the weather is relatively supporting your activities like sunbathing and hanging out.

Particularly in May, there some special things to be seen and enjoyed here. First, it is the best time to visit Tanah Lot, a nice beach with some traditional buildings around. Second, there is also an art festival conducted in this area. Third, after enjoying Tanah Lot, just go to Ubud to enjoy the annual culinary festival. For you who want to taste the delicious local foods, this event should not be missed out.

The Security Level

In 2002, there was indeed a sort of terrorism actions attacking two clubs in Bali and causing some people to die. Starting from that accident, the local government of Bali along with the national government of Indonesia always improves their security levels. It is to ensure that such a happening will never have recurred in the future. Therefore, all the tourists can just enjoy their vacations to Bali as well as develop the wealth of the local people.

Despite the terrorism, there are indeed some other crimes that may happen. Just like other tourism objects all around the world, bad things like theft are sometimes still experienced. But again, the police department of Bali makes sure that those things are able to be minimized. Just make sure that as visitors, you obey all the rules imposed so that your holiday is not only interesting and unforgettable but also safe.

So, is it safe to travel to Bali Indonesia? Of course, it is definitely yes. Just schedule it well, go to a trusted travel agency, and prepare your things properly. Then, Bali is always a great and safe place to visit.

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