Raja Ampat Island

5 Most Beautiful Places in Indonesia to Visit

If you want to know about the most beautiful places in Indonesia, here they are.

1. Flores island

Flores island

The name of this island means flowers in Portuguese. As its name suggests, this island offers undeniably scenic beauty, which will hypnotize you. The island gives you many spots to explore. The most fascinating tourist attraction is the collection of crater lakes, which can be found in Mount Kelimutu. These lakes can change its color because of the mineral and chemical alterations due to the presence of volcanic gas.

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It is also best known as the getaway to the Komodo Island. If you want to visit there as well, you can take the Flores’ Labuanbajo. In that island, you will be able to see the natural habitats of Komodo dragons.

2. Banda Island

Banda Island

Banda is an island, which is rich in spices. If you want to taste different kinds of spices, this place is definitely should be on your list to visit. A long time ago, Banda Island has been under the control of Portuguese, Dutch, and British. All of the systems and culture create uniqueness in Banda. This place is not well known for shopping malls. On the other hand, it can offer you with phenomenal scenery as well as outdoor recreation. Here, you can also experience hiking in Gunung Api, which is the tallest peak in the archipelago. For more, you can also snorkel in the sea and get freshly caught fish for your dinner.

3. Bunaken


Bunaken is located in the northeastern tip of Sulawesi. It is the home of Bunaken National Marine Park. There, lies the 70% of all fish species in the Indo-Western Pacific Ocean. You can imagine how great the variation is. That is why this place is famous for people who like to dive and snorkel. This place also offers a special drink, which you can only find there. It is a local liquor in the form of distilled white wine, which is served with lemon. It is known as Cap Tikus and will definitely give an unforgettable experience for you to have.

4. Gili islands

Gili islands

Another beautiful place in Indonesia for holiday is the Gili island. It is located off the coast of Lombok island. Gili Trawangan is the largest island there. It is a perfect place for trying scuba diving. You can also relax and refresh your mind here, as the atmosphere is so calming and comfortable. For a romantic touch, you can visit the Gili Meno. It is a popular place for a couple to spend their honeymoon.

5. Raja Ampat islands

Raja Ampat Island

Raja Ampat is located in the Papua region. In total, there are more than 600 individual islands, which make up Raja Ampat. However, the four major ones are only Waigeo, Bantanta, Misoo, and Salawati. All of them have great biodiversity, which makes it perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. This place is also the home for the Birds of Paradise or Cendrawasih.

Those are all information we can share on this article. We highly hope that it can help you in finding the most beautiful places in Indonesia for your vacation.

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